Home is wherever I'm with you.
I will allow no one person to take my future away from me without a fight,battle, and war. I am my own person and live life everyday like its my last. Look to this post for inspiration because on this world were all friends...


this is what I am going to be saying at school tomorrow
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It’s steph
<3 tattoo
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Morning necessity
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You used me up
until I was dry
you took from me 
until there was nothing left
you cried on my shoulder
and never returned the favor
I would do anything for you,
and you did nothing.
I’m done with your lies, 
I’m done with your put downs 
and now I know what your true colors are.
I no longer have a place for your negativity
your violent anger and harsh words
I only have a place in my heart to fill with love
to fill it to the top with positivity
your life answers wont be found at the bottom of that wine bottle. 
Change yourself before you have no one.
Im Done, Sincerly with love
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